My hair is big. It’s wild with a mind of its own. For an embarrassingly long time, I had the habit of just doing whatever was easiest with my hair. That doesn’t mean that I found simple, cute styles, but that I just sort of gave up. I was lazy. There’s nothing wrong with having a go-to hairstyle, even if it’s simplest to achieve. And shows it. In fact, plenty of people opt for the simple look. It fits them and their hair needs. But after years of relying way too heavily on a rushed, generally uneven bun, I started doing a bit of experimenting. I tried out plenty of easy styles this week, but these three are undoubtedly my favourite.

And yes, I used some obnoxious filters because why not.

Braid + Half Updo

I work as a gymnastics coach, so when I get ready for work, my first thought for my hair is to keep it out of the way. Before that, I worked on a farm. Both of these jobs saw me wear my hair in a quick bun or ponytail. I totally lost my sense of style, not just for my hair but for my clothing.

It’s still important that my hair be worn in a way that doesn’t block my vision at any given moment. I parted my hair to the right side and braided it along my hair line to past my ear. That ensures that my hair is kept off my face, but still allows me to feel cute. (fiy, I adore braids.) I pulled my hair together at the back of my head and tied my braid in place, but allowed the rest of my hair to fall free. Since my braid consisted of the hair at the front and top of my head, the back and bottom sections were more than able to go untouched without getting in the way. I enjoy half updos for lots of reasons, but the biggest one is that they allow my hair to look nice and long in a controlled way. 


Bun w/ Accessory & Side Curls

I’ve mentioned buns like three times now. Old habits die hard and I was really pressed for time before my shift started, so I quickly but evenly collected my hair into a bun at the top of my head. It looked overly simple and I was completely discontented with it, especially since I’d made the promise to myself to try out a new hairstyle every day this week.

Rummaging though my hair accessory drawer reminded me of this littler floral bow I’d completely forgotten about. I’ve had it since I was about fifteen and never wore it after I got out of high school. Sometimes, I forget that I’m allowed to be “cute,” not always trying to look mature or businesslike. So I stuck that bow at the base of my bun and saw an immediate change in aesthetic. I also allowed a single curl on either side of my face to fall free, then tucked behind my ear so they almost reached my shoulder.


Barely Up Ponytail / Free Falling Style

I have no idea what the actual name of this style is. The closest I can think of is the half-up ponytail, but seeing as the vast majority of my hair is down here, I don’t think that name is fitting. The only hair I put up was the very, very front with just a bit close to the ears. It was a whole new sensation! When I wear my hair down, the front is very heavy around my face, but this was so much lighter. The two little curls I pulled down to accent my face are nothing compared to how it usually is. The little ponytail also granted me some additional height at the top of my head. I know it’s a common enough style, but I’d never even tried it before.

It’s my favourite of these three styles.


This is the start of my hair care journey. I’m just now figuring out what I like and what I don’t for hair styling, let alone for the whole care part of it. But I’m excited!

❤ RG