I’m cheap. And that’s just another way of saying I’m poor without actually admitting to said poorness. That means that my beauty routines throughout the years have reflected my lack of cash with knock off products or foregoing them altogether. But the one thing I can’t stand is hair on my body. It just… bugs me. So shaving has always been a staple in my beauty routine… despite my using razors costing no more than a couple bucks.

Cheaply made razors are a bane in my life. Even using aftershave, moisturizing, and treating the razor burn every way (that I could afford) that Pinterest suggested, I’ve continued to battle the wee red devils. There’s been plenty of times when my salty self was determined to give up shaving altogether – so much effort, so much time spent on it, so many little red bumps to deal with afterwards. Not to mention how easily a low quality razor can cut ya up with the slightest provocation.

There are two people in my life who have tried Dollar Shave Club. My sister was ecstatic when she received her first razor and was thoroughly impressed with how you get a monthly supply delivered to you, but, after trying it, defected to another brand. My boyfriend has nothing but good things to say about DSC, but his opinion doesn’t hold too much weight with me. I mean, we’re shaving very different areas of our bodies so…

Real quick… if you don’t already know, Dollar Shave Club is exactly what is sounds like. It’s super straightforward: Your first order will include a reusable handle and a bunch of razor cartridges. Every month, they’ll send you more cartridges. There’s three different kinds of razors to choose from, an easy cancellation process (I don’t do long term commitments after my student debt left such a bad taste in my poor, poor mouth), and even has a 100% money-back guarantee. Beyond that basics, DSC also has a line of products that range from shave butter to beard oil to face cleanser to shampoo and conditioner, but that’s a topic for another review.

Let’s dive in, kids.

First of all, the package arrived two days late. Not a great first impression. I’m the type of person who obsesses over incoming packages. While other people might not mind it so much, I did. I know it’s just a razor, but still. My life is just boring enough that a hyped up razor arriving on my doorstep is the most exciting thing going on. Don’t judge.

But remember, my dude, first impressions can be deceiving

Inside that package (that arrived late, js), I was so happy to see my handle and razors. There was a little surprise, too, in the form of an insanely charming, vintage-esq zine. It’s called Mel, a DSC publication, and is “Your Bathroom Reader.” It high key made up for the two lost days.

Now, I ordered the Executive. Yeah, fancy name for a razor. It’s the most expensive of the three blade options, so I was hesitant. It just… sounded… so… good. Let me break it down: The Executive has six stainless steel blades, a new cartridge for each week, and a sturdy, heavy, high quality handle. I could’ve chosen the 4x with its 4 blades and lighter handle, or the the Humble Twin with its 2 blades, low price, and sleek handle. But nah.

So is it worth the monthly subscription fee? I mean, it’s called the Dollar Shave Club, but in Canada, it’s more like the $3.50 Shave Club. And that’s for the cheapest of the blades. The Executive costs closer to $9.50 and it might not seem like much, but that’s an extra $114 + tax every year. That’s a $114 (+ tax) that I could be using towards extra McFlurries and dollar store hair accessories. I normally make a joke out of it, but honestly, if I don’t have to spend that extra money, I really, really don’t want to.

Now, keep in mind that I use my razors for the areas below my neck, not above it. Most folks who go for the Dollar Shave Club do so for their facial hair shaving needs. The face has a whole other set of requirements for a smooth, comfortable shave than my armpits. That means that one of initial fears was that it would be overqualified and I’d be wasting my money when I could settle for something even cheaper. That turned out not to be the case.

On Razorpedia, there are plenty of reviews. While most are glowing reviews, there are some that say that the blades become dull too fast and others say that they had razor burn by the third use. Again, these are people using the razors on their faces, so they don’t apply to me exactly. It still made me wary. I’m happy enough to report that I haven’t suffered any of the dullness or razor burn that was mentioned, even though I’m shaving a much larger area than they were. My shaves are smooth without the dryness and nicks that marked my shaves before.

The handle is the heavy, sleek handle that the site promises. Not gonna lie, I didn’t expect that to make much of a difference. I was way more concerned about the blades. But the handle’s quality being high actually made the shave itself easier. It’s simpler to handle and guide.

The Executive has six blades. There’s a trimmer edge built in on the back of the cartridge – I had no idea what that was until I googled it. And my favourite part is that it has lubricating strip made up of aloe, vitamin E, and lavender. BLESS.

But let’s talk about the cons.

Let’s not forget about the package arriving late. Is it the worst thing in the world? Nah. But I’m still salty about it.

Aside from that, there really isn’t much I can say negatively say about the Dollar Shave Club. They’re a clever company that does well for the price. I won’t say their blades are the best you’ll find, but they more than meet my needs and leave my body happily smooth. Considering the price, I won’t be switching any time soon if at all.

Want to try out Dollar Shave Club for yourself?

I give DSC (and, specifically, the Executive blade) a solid 9/10 rating. But if you get a dope razor of your own and don’t love it, just keep that money back guarantee in mind.